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Jewish communities are under threat.

Secure, affordable, quality Jewish education is the fight of our generation.

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For too long, families and schools have struggled to balance the rising costs of Jewish day schools and yeshivas while providing quality education to every student. Schools are dealing with increasingly limited funds, while parents are forced to make unimaginable choices for their families.


The status quo for Jewish education is not sustainable, and the Jewish future is at risk. Teach Action Fund is a movement dedicated to ending the affordability crisis for Jewish families — and we need you to join us, today.

Join the fight TODAY.  Our Jewish future depends on it.


We are a group of yeshiva and day school families, teachers, rabbis, and community leaders from all over the nation who are working to end the affordability crisis facing Jewish communities.
Our goal is to build a sustainable, thriving future for our communities, through direct advocacy among our elected leaders in key states across the country. We are launching Teach Action Fund to continue the work of the movement that began with the founding of Teach Coalition, a 501 c(3) non-profit, in 2013.


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A movement is only as strong as its members, which is why we are asking you to join us and commit to saving Jewish life as we know it. Thousands of our students, families and partners have advocated at our state capitals, and our parents are now advocating in communities across the country. Now it's your turn to step up and join us, to show up for the future of our children.

Our groundbreaking initiatives, and the actions each of us take to advocate for our children, will secure a brighter future for Jewish families.

Take a Stand for Jewish Families. Join Today!


Jewish education is the cornerstone of our families, our communities, and the Jewish people as whole - all of which is in jeopardy if we don't create real change. Teach Action Fund is a grassroots advocacy movement dedicated to making Jewish education affordable and sustainable by fighting for fair funding and resources for our schools. 

Stand with Teach Action Fund as we take the fight for quality Jewish education across the country. Together, we’ll make quality, affordable Jewish education a reality for all families:

Security Funding

STEM Funding


Special Ed. Funding

Tax Credit Scholarships

Student Health

Take a Stand for Jewish Families.

Be a Champion for Jewish Education




Your donation will fuel the fight for government funding for Jewish education and deliver the results our families deserve.


Take initiative to build relationships with decision-makers and educate them on issues that matter to your community.


Spread the word to make a meaningful impact and help us achieve our mission. Sign up to receive content to share with your network.


Change happens when we make our voices heard. Register and cast your vote to amplify our voice.

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