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You Can Help Us


As a member you will have access to exclusive progress updates, volunteer opportunities, and impactful take action instructions. Your donation will fuel the fight for government funding for Jewish education and deliver the results our families deserve.

Join us and donate today.

Join Teach Action Fund at any membership level to show your support of Jewish families and create a positive, vibrant Jewish future.

A movement has power because of its members.

Our educators pave the way for the next generation.

We can achieve our goals when we work together.

Support Teach Action Fund at any level.

Donations at this level include participation in the Adopt a School Program.

You have a deep understanding and appreciation for Jewish education and the impact it has on the Jewish future. 

Miriam was a zealous protector of her younger brother Moses. We’re inspired by her joy in the face of adversity and her unwavering devotion to the Jewish future.

Donations to this organization are not deductible for federal income tax purposes as charitable donations.

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